There are two “i’s” in “Indians”

There is an old saw that every player has used at one time or another when trying to downplay his individual accomplishments. “Hey man,” he’ll say, “there’s no ‘i’ in team.”

There are, however, two “i’s” in “Indians,” which Carlos Carrasco proved last Monday.

The big righty from Barquisimeto has quietly been the best MLB pitcher not named Kershaw for the past two months. He suffered a hard-luck loss on September 22 and after the game had some harsh words for his teammates. I’m not sure how you say “throw them under the bus” in Venezuela (tirar abajo el bus?), but here’s how it played out in Cleveland.

Of the scoring plays involving his teammates 1B Chris Gimenez and SS Jose Ramirez, C.C. said “We should’ve made those plays right there. That cost me (emphasis added) two runs,” Carrasco told “I thought they had a pretty good chance of making them, but sometimes we don’t make those plays. That can cost us.”

The next day, Carlos did the right thing. He apologized to his teammates and (via text)  to manager Terry Francona. For this, VZBASEBALL has nothing but admiration. You make a mistake, you acknowledge it. Next season, there will be no lingering bad feelings in the Cleveland clubhouse, and Carlos could be a 15-game winner. Huzzah.

Tonight, in his last North American start of the season, Carlos had a typically outstanding effort. Over 7.2 innings, he struck out 10, and gave up one unearned run in a game in which his Cleveland teammates gave him no run support.

I wonder what his reaction will be this time? Has Carlos Carrasco, indeed, seen the error(s) of his ways?


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