Hurray for Triple A: Game 6 Redux

During last night’s World Series Game 6 ESPN radio broadcast, retired third baseman Aaron Boone, (uber nemesis of the Red Sox for his Game 7 ALCS 2003 home run) complimented the defense. It was nice to hear. “As a former infielder, it’s really fun to watch Brandon Crawford and Alicides Escobar play shortstop,” enthused Aaron. “(They have) athleticism, acrobatics, and ability to make big plays.” As if on cue, Escobar turned a neat 6-3 double play to quell the one Giant threat in a night of Royal hegemony.

I love the Royals’ speed and defense, and hope they win Game 7 tonight. Your indefatigable reporter, however, will be at a Wilco concert. That doesn’t make me a bad person.

Other Game 6 developments:  Yusmeiro Petit, the King of Zulia, watched the clock strike midnight as he turned back into a pumpkin in front of our eyes (for radio listeners, our ears—although it’s hard to hear a pumpkin grow). After 12 stellar, shutout post-season frames, Yusmeiro came in to mop up Jake Peavy’s second inning mess and pushed it around Kauffman Stadium like he was manning a stinky-water mop. His line: 5 batters, 3 hits, a wild pitch, 5 runs (3 of Peavy’s and 2 of his own).

Tired of watching one 6’1’ 250 lb Venezuelan right-hander make a mess of things, Bruce Bochy brought in another, El Tigre’s Jean (Who Moved) Machi. He was marginally better, scattering 5 hits over three innings and yielding two more runs as the Royals ran roughshod. In two different innings Machi faced both Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar, and in the sixth they both got hits. In fact, Escobar, Infante and Salvador Perez are all hitting over .300 for the AL champs in the Series. Pablo Sandoval, playing through a bit of illness, is still ripping it at .360.

Tonight, Game 7 of the World Series!: It’s the game all baseball fans dream of watching, and all players dream of playing in. Enjoy.



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