Hot Stove Talk in a Cold, Cold Place

Hi Readers, Before I get any further into the movement of VZ players around the Major Leagues and the winter league, I must thank everyone who helped on my recent two-week trip to Venezuela. It was my third trip to the country since 2009, and perhaps the most fun: seven baseball games in four cities in 17 days. A few drops of rum and handfuls of popcorn, too. Gracias a todos:

In Caracas: Ben Rodriguez of Osprey Tours (couldn’ t have done it without you, man); Chino the able barman at the Hotel Avila; the  lovely Maria Felicia Balducci for watching her first game with me; Gustavo Viloria of Gravity Tours and his Magallanes-loving sister Angella.

In Maracay: charming Doctora Peggy Ojeda, who got us first-class seats to see the Tigres (her first game, too); and the staff of the Hotel Italo. Paul Stanley of Angel-Eco Tours, thanks for the lift, mate!

In Valencia; Anibal, the taxista nonpareil; Maria Jose Busquets at the Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame; the staff of the Hotel Dinastia.

In Maracaibo: the lovely Ortega family: Monica, mama, Humo, and Pancho the dog; the staff of the Hotel El Paseo.

Right now, Venezuela is a country on edge, and baseball is the last thing on lots of people’s minds: it’s hard to buy things; inflation is through the roof; personal security is a constant preoccupation: one’s basic safety and survival are a constant source of doubt. In this sense, a past-time like baseball becomes quite secondary.

Despite the country’s precarious state, I found many warm, welcoming folks willing to help me and willing to share their passion for beisbol; the taxi driver in Caracas who dreamed of playing as a boy; the customs man who shared my love of the Tiburones of La Guaira (easy pass there for the gringo); the vendors outside the stadiums who sold me souvenirs from any team I wanted.

Finally, no writer is an island (I would be Riker’s, not Margarita, if I were). Thanks to all who read and sometimes comment on my musings: Rich in Pennsylvania;  Donna, Kevin, Charlie, Patty and Judy in New York; Phil and Kelly in California; Abril in Costa Rica and Juan in Brooklyn/Dubai: it’s nice to have someone notice (and occasionally, correct) me. For my friends in Venezuela, it’s my goal to get a Spanish-language translation up this year.

As we head into the holidays and 2015, I wish you all the best. Baseball is indeed a pastime, a way to pass the time among friends and loved ones;  it is but a part of the patchwork of life, in which we all struggle to love, survive, and overcome in this oft-difficult world. Bless you all.

The author learns the art of the selfie: and who said I wasn't a front-runner? Caribes are in first, dude!

The author learns the art of the selfie: and who said I wasn’t a front-runner? Caribes are in first, dude!


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