Finish What Ya Started?

Today’s title comes from a post-David-Lee-Roth Van Halen song, apparently inspired by Sammy Hagar’s nocturnal marital activities, which no one need delve into too deeply. We are a family blog, after all.

But–Carlos Carrasco, what the heck? He’s just signed a mega-contract, he’s making the Astros look like fools in their own park, and he stupefies power hitter Chris Carter with a strike three curveball to open the home seventh. 88 pitches, 10 strikeouts. He is a force of nature the Gulf Coast has not seen since Katrina.

So Terry Francona pulls him.

What?! The next reliever, Nick Hagadone, gives up a quick walk and single, but is bailed out by  a second reliever, Marc Rzepczynski, who induces a double-play grounder. The Indians still lead, 1-0.

Whoo–that was a close one. So why not just leave Big Carlos in the game?

We live in an age of specialization. It was the first game of the season–Carlos hasn’t pitched a complete MLB campaign yet. Maybe he was out of gas, as they say.

Damn, I would have liked to see C.C. at least finish the inning. But Terry Francona’s won two World Series rings and I’m just a fool stuffing my face with popcorn on my comfy chair. Tito, I hope you and Carlos are popping the corks off champagne bottles in September.

Meanwhile, in Detroit cagey right-hander Aníbal Sánchez went 6 2/3 innings and struck out 6 Twins in an 11-0 Tigers rout of Minnesota. Somehow I don’t mind Anibal’s 7th-inning exit–he struck out countryman Oswaldo Arcia on his 101st and final pitch. The game wasn’t on the line, as it was in Houston, and 101 pitches might be a better limit than say, 88.

But what do I know?

The big cookie of Cleveland.

The big cookie of Cleveland.

They call Carlos “Cookie” because, truly,  he likes to eat cookies. And Terry Francona is one smart cookie, who knows that you might always want to save a few cookies for later in the season when you’re hungry.

VZ record after 3 days: 3-2
victories: Félix Hernández, Aníbal Sánchez, Carlos Carrasco
losses: Henderson Álvarez, Francisco Rodriguez (10th-inning pinch-hit homer, Wilin Rosario)


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