Around the Horn: Dog Days Approacheth

August 1 is Monday, and we’re in for some of the hottest baseball of the year. Here’s the time where we see what kind of stamina and depth teams have as they battle heat and fatigue for a shot at September glory.

Detroit’s ready to make a run. Frankie Rodriguez saved two games and Miguel Cabrera hit a laser-beam homer to cement a Fenway sweep of the BoSox. Lefty Eduardo Rodriguez had a decent start Wednesday for Boston, but gave up a homer for the eighth straight game.

Carlos Carrasco could also be penciled in under “decent start,” except his nemesis was the exceptional Stephen Strasburg, so “Cookie” took a tough loss (7-4, 2.45). How about it for Washington’s Wilson Ramos, having a breakout season at .336?

Jose Altuve only got two more hits against the Yankees tonight, keeping his average at a boring .357. Venezuelan-heavy Houston goes into Detroit for an interesting matchup of criollo-laden talent.

Righty Hector Rondon of Guatire has 18 saves for the front-running Cubbies with 48 Ks in 37 innings. You go, Hector. Miguel “Microwave” Montero hasn’t always been there to catch Hector, because the caraqueño is batting just .200–smack on the Mendoza line. On the South Side, another caraqueño, Dioner Navarro is having similar bat-related issues at .203 withthe White Sox

Ezequiel Carrera, a lefty-lefty outfielder like CarGo of Colorado, is getting decent playing time north of the border in the Rogers Centre, and making a go of it at .259. With his speed and fielding ability I think EZ-C will always find his way onto an MLB roster.

Look at the top of the Phillies’ lineup tonight: Cesar Hernandez at .288 and Odubel Herrera (All-Star Odubel to you) at .290. Well done, gentlemen. On the opposite side of the field, reinvigorated Martin Prado of Miami leads the surprising Marlins with a .324 average. On the Marlins’ tail (they do have tails, right?) are the Mighty Mets of Flushing, whose competitive infield mix includes revived Asdrubal Cabrera and Weepin’ Wilmer Flores, whose bat recently woke up to the sound of Jose Reyes’ flight from Denver touching down at JFK.

Lefty reliever Luis Avilan signed a $1.39 million contract with Los Angeles this season. He’s bounced back and forth between Oklahoma City and the City of Angels, not only making lots of cash but also building up his frequent-flier miles.

Lots going on with our Venezuelan major leaguers. Catch you again on Sunday.


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